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Gary Hayden
aka Gary

I married Joyce Sonchen in 1964 and we have two sons. Tom lives in Richmond, Va. with his wife Donna, daughter Rachael and son Nate. Don lives in Raleigh, NC., with his wife Tina, and daughter Taylor and son Zach. Rachael just graduated from Longwood Univ. and Taylor is in her Sr. year at East Carolina Univ. Zach is going to be a Sr. in H.S. and plays shortstop for the H.S. team. Nate is going into 7th grade. I worked for Bank of Delaware for 7 years, out of school and then for Southland Corp. for another 4. Then I felt called into ministry while I volunteered as a Sr. High camp counselor at Cape Henlopen.

We then moved to Springfield, Mo. for Baptist Bible College and then returned to Delaware to work at First Baptist Church in N. C. De. I then started a camp program that I ran for the next 19 years. We had a Jr. high camp, and Sr. high camp in the summer, and then ran a Winter camp in the Pocono's between Christmas and New Years. We averaged about 150 in our Jr. High camp and over 400 in our Sr. high camp, and another 400 + for our Winter camps.

Joyce and I have traveled to Korea to speak at a retreat for Missionaries there, and have taken a missions trip with our teens to Puerto Rico as well. We traveled to Tanzania, East Africa to be the guest speaker for a Missions church in Morogoro, Tanzania about 11 years ago. This past year I lead a missions trip to Nairobi, Kenya, and to North Tanzania to speak and minister there as well. While in Nairobi, we ministered in the largest Slum in the world, the Kibara slum of over 3 million people in 3 sq. miles.

I have pastored at First Baptist Church of N.C. for 9 years and then went back and pastored there for 12 more years. I pastored in N.J. twice, once in Magnolia at Berean Baptist Church, and then in Moorestown at the Moorestown Bible Church. We then moved to Midway Baptist Church in Lewes, DE. 7 years ago. I am 7 miles from Cape Henlopen where I first surrendered for ministry.

I was recognized as outstanding graduate of the class of 1974 in 1992 by Baptist Bible College. We have several of our young people that are in ministry today, literally around the world. We love it at the beach and have been blessed to have traveled so much around the world as well as across the country.

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